About Us

Thompson Dewitt is a leading International Commercial Real Estate Investment Firm and Financial Advisory. Our businesses include real estate financing, private equity, rescue financing, financial advisory,restructuring and alternative financing. Thompson Dewitt Advisory Services includes restructuring and reorganization of Debtor In Possession (DIP Finance) or troubled companies, restructuring of real estate debt, corporate acquisitions, joint ventures and major project consulting services.

Why Thompson Dewitt
Thompson Dewitt was created through the merging of three highly successful international companies and our Parent TD Financial Group with disciplines in Real Estate Finance, Private Equity, Organizational and Debt and Equity Restructuring, Corporate and Real Estate Advisory Services. Our team is committed to serve our clients and has committed our own funds and have aligned ourselves with our investment partners to accomplish each task we are engaged with. We seek long-term relationships and operate with integrity and make our money the old-fashioned way with hard work, responsibility to our clients and dedication to our work.

Internationally, we specialize in the financing of real estate projects, portfolio analysis and strategic advisory. We perform due diligence confidentially and with professionalism. Our expert knowledge and our ability to handle complex transactions coupled with our capability to fund loans and create real estate syndications using our investor funds and our international network of investors maximizes our clients ability to achieve success.

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